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Gem is a

Snowflake Partner

Our partnership with Snowflake supercharges threat detection and speeds up response, leveraging the power of the Snowflake Data Cloud to lower mean time to respond (MTTR) to cloud events and give you more control over your security data.

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Easy Integration

Either use Gem’s snowflake infrastructure or bring your own existing snowflake instance, reducing overhead expenses and giving you complete control of your data

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"Gem is redefining security operations for the cloud era – with the Snowflake Data Cloud playing a foundational role in how Gem accelerates detection and response to help stop cloud attacks faster."

Mario Duarte  |   CISO, Snowflake

Mobilize your cloud security data

Lower your costs

Lower your data ingestion and processing fees with Snowflake’s Security Data Lake. Retain more data for significantly lower cost than SIEM solutions

Detect all your threats

Snowflake infrastructure powers our industry-leading detection and analytics engines, giving us the scale we need to detect across your entire environment

Own your data

With bring your own snowflake, you own the entire data pipeline, keeping you in control in a manner traditional tools cannot equal

Cloud security operations made easy

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