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Stop threats
before they
become breaches 

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What We Do

Cloud Incident Response Readiness

Get optimized visibility coverage with a continuous Cloud Incident Readiness dashboard

Multicloud Threat Coverage

Detect cloud native threats in real time based on TTPs and cloud entity behavioral analytics

Automated Investigation & Containment

Fuse context from across your entire cloud infrastructure for root cause analysis in minutes

Integrated Cloud Forensics

Automatically gather forensic artifacts and construct timelines of an attack

How it works

Automatically fuse
context for investigation
and detection

Monitor for hundreds of proprietary cloud-native attacker tactics and lower noise with behavioral analytics to surface threats in real time

Automatically fuse context from all cloud data sources to cut triage time from days to minutes

Seamlessly integrate with your cloud environments

Analyze data from all cloud data sources,

like CSP telemetry, ticketing systems, identity providers, other security tools, and more for full alert context


Get complete visibility with actionable recommendations to focus on the data that matters most

Level up your existing workflow with high fidelity cloud alerts

Consume Gem alerts through bi-directional integrations with leading SIEM, SOAR, or other automation tooling

Leverage built-in response functionality

to stop threats fast - all through the control plane


Cloud security operations enabled with Gem

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eliminate blindspots

Cloud Incident Response Readiness

Get the full picture
Continuously discover all your cloud assets
and assess your readiness.

Collect what matters
Understand what you need, quickly fix visibility gaps, and save costs over traditional solutions.

Identify threats
before they escalate

Real-Time Threat Detection

Supercharge your detection engineering Gain out-of-the-box coverage against hundreds of cloud-native TTPs and eliminate manual toil.

Cut out the noise
Prioritize and contextualize alerts based
on cloud identity behavioral analytics.

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Accelerate response: hours turn to minutes

Context-led Triage and Investigation

Respond with automated investigative steps and built-in incident response know-how.

Visualize incidents and automatically fuse context from the cloud ecosystem.

Stop attacks, minimize impact

Containment Orchestration

Quarantine cloud entities
Orchestrate changes across identity, compute, network, data to limit the blast radius.

Take action however fits your workflow
Use auto-generated code snippets
or integrate with your SOAR.

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Cloud security operations made easy

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