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Threat Detection
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Out-of-the-box detection coverage for cloud-native threats

The Challenge

If an attacker were moving through your cloud environment right now,

how would you know?

  • Cloud attackers use different tactics, techniques, and procedures to compromise cloud environments, leaving traditional tooling blind to these new threats

  • Building cloud detection requires specialized knowledge - teams spend too much time writing custom rules to achieve only partial coverage

  • Multi-cloud environments drive unparalleled complexity, and organizations struggle to maintain detection parity across CSPs

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“Before Gem, we had to build all of our detection on AWS and Azure from scratch. It was too manual - we needed to increase our coverage faster. Gem let us rapidly improve the quality and coverage of our detection and response in cloud systems.”

Justin Berman  |   CISO, Thirty Madison

Gem’s Solution

Complete threat coverage – batteries included

Get the confidence that your environment is protected against the latest cloud attack techniques that our researchers have observed in the wild

Save months of work on detection engineering, with hundreds of cloud-native detection rules for complete coverage out-of-the-box

Reduce noise with our unique approach that blends tactics, techniques, and procedures with cloud-native behavioral analytics

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Gem Cloud Coverage Across


Analyze and profile every user, role, access key and more for comprehensive coverage of identity-based threats in real time. Understand immediately when credentials being used in suspicious ways.



Stop attacks before critical data exfiltration. Map data access patterns, anomalous data modification, and more to detect breaches in real time. 

Continuously analyze your VPCs, security groups, and other network entities to detect lateral movement and persistency attempts in your environment.


Profile compute instances like serverless functions, virtual machines, containers, clusters, and more to detect malicious behavior in your environment. No agents required.


Detect defense evasion techniques with continuous monitoring of your logging and security controls.

Cloud security operations made easy

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