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Hear it From Our Customers

From Fortune 500 to born-in-the-cloud businesses, Gem helps organizations around the world adopt the cloud with confidence. Whether cloud native or just starting the cloud journey, Gem gives our customers the practical solutions they need for cloud security operations.

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Cloud security tools today focus on detecting misconfigurations and posture issues. We need tools like Gem that detect whether these become actual threats in real-time, and allow teams to swiftly respond and stop them from becoming incidents.

Charles Blauner

Former CISO, Citi


Gem is redefining the cloud security operations game. The platform empowers security operations with a simple, automated, and efficient approach that allows organizations to respond faster and minimize the impact of attacks in the cloud.


ADM Michael S. Rogers

Former Director, NSA

The team at Gem is phenomenal. The founders spent years in incident response, and that experience is very clear in the product. That know-how is built into the platform, automating and accelerating detection and response in a way that’s extremely practical.


Adrian Ludwig

Former Chief Trust Office, Atlassian


Cloud security operations made easy

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