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Integrated Cloud Forensics
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Dive deep into cloud incidents: resolve at the root without doing the digging

The Challenge

If worse comes to worst, can you determine how an attacker breached your environment?

  • Forensic evidence often resides in ephemeral resources, and without advance preparation, necessary data can be unrecoverable

  • Access to forensic data in the cloud is often managed by a separate infrastructure team, and getting necessary permissions results in long delays

  • Piecing together forensic timelines from enormous amounts of cloud data, across logs, artifacts, and external context, remains extremely challenging

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Modern malware and data breaches in cloud environments are often fileless and operate either solely in memory without leaving any trace on disk, or via APIs or integrated SaaS offerings, making it increasingly difficult or impossible to properly investigate with traditional forensic methods and tooling.

Gartner, Emerging Tech: Security - Cloud Investigation & Response Automation Offers Transformation Opportunities, Lawrence Pingree & Mark Wah, June 5, 2023

Gem’s Solution

Prepare for the worst.

Enable acquisition of disk images, memory snapshots, forensic logs, and more through the cloud control plane

Easily extract forensic artifacts for analysis, like file listings, event logs, and more

Automate construction of incident timelines from raw cloud forensic data, incorporating events like file creation, process execution, login events, and more

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Cloud security operations made easy

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