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Automated Investigation and Response


Cloud Forensics

Automated Investigation and Response 
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The context you need to respond in minutes - not days

The Challenge

When alerts trigger, are you fast enough? Can you investigate and resolve them before it’s too late?

  • Cloud telemetry is complex and scattered across numerous different sources, and correlating events by manually querying is too slow

  • Understanding dense cloud logs requires specialized knowledge, and manually triaging alerts across a multi-cloud environment is often error-prone

  • Security teams struggle to gather enough context to triage quickly and effectively, and getting a real-time view of an attack in progress remains challenging


Gem is solving a problem that most security teams have today. Companies still need better, more integrated tools to detect and respond to cloud threats, tools that will give their SIRT more breathing room. Gem is uniquely positioned to address that need.

Coleen Coolidge    |  Former Chief Information Security Officer, Twilio

Gem’s Solution

Automated attack timelines and blast radius graphs to resolve alerts in minutes

Automatically correlate hundreds or thousands of cloud events, correlating data into a single attack timeline

Seamlessly gather context from identity providers, ticketing systems, cloud entity behavioral patterns, and more to immediately piece together a full picture of a threat

Use novel cloud-native containment functionality to isolate resources, gather information from users, rotate credentials, and more - all through the control plane

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Cloud security operations made easy

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