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Cloud Incident Response Readiness

Optimized telemetry coverage & centralized cloud readiness dashboard

The Challenge

Are you ready for a cloud breach? Do you have all the information you need to respond when you’re under attack in the cloud?

  • Cloud environments generate rich telemetry, but complexity  and sheer data volume make storage and analysis costly and difficult


  • Logging configurations constantly drift, leaving organizations unable to detect and investigate threats


  • Compliance-oriented solutions, like CSPM, aren’t built for security operators and don’t drive incident response visibility

“In the cloud, trying to know what is relevant is difficult. We have telemetry from many different log sources, but it’s a real challenge to cut through all the noise to clearly understand whether or not we’re under attack.”

Javier Garcia Quintela  |   CISO, Repsol

Gem’s Solution

Continuously eliminate blindspots to see, detect,

and respond to cloud threats

Benchmark telemetry collection against the MITRE ATT&CK framework

Get actionable recommendations for improving real-time visibility, prioritized by security impact

Continuously monitor for visibility drifts to ensure you’re never caught unprepared

Cloud security operations made easy

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