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Practical Guide to Cloud Detection and Response

We published a new report! Check out our new Practical Guide to Cloud Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response. The report is available for download on our site here.

The cloud represents a blessing and a curse for security operations teams. The abundance of cloud telemetry and the ease with which it can be collected offer the promise of unparalleled visibility, but operationalizing that visibility remains extremely challenging for SecOps teams today, and companies struggle to detect and respond to active threats in the cloud.

These challenges are driving the emergence of a new class of security tools, referred to interchangeably as Cloud Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response (Cloud TDIR) and Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) tools.

In the report, we discuss:

  • Why it has been so challenging for Security Operations teams to gain real-time visibility over the cloud environment

  • Our learnings from speaking with over 200 CISOs and security leaders over the past year

  • What specifically makes CDR tools better suited for cloud threat detection, investigation, and response than existing cloud security (i.e., CSPM) or security operations (i.e., SIEM) products

  • What are the key features and capabilities that any CDR solution should incorporate


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