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Gem Security Joins AWS ISV Accelerate

We’re happy to announce that Gem has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program!

The ISV Accelerate Program is an AWS partnership program designed to help drive business for ISVs with software solutions running on or integrating with AWS. The program connects vendors with customers and accelerates sales cycles, enabling vendors to leverage the AWS Sales organization to amplify their go-to-market efforts. Close collaboration with the AWS Sales team enables Gem to provide better outcomes to AWS customers, as Gem and the AWS team work together to deliver our industry-leading cloud detection and response solutions to the market.

AWS has been a phenomenal partner for Gem since day one. Our platform is built on AWS infrastructure, and we work closely with the AWS team to improve security within the AWS ecosystem (see, e.g., our collaboration with AWS to improve data exfiltration protections for AWS GuardDuty).

Gem’s customers have also had the option to purchase through the AWS marketplace since the day of our launch. The marketplace allows Gem’s customers to consolidate all their payments and billing within a single interface, and reduces the overhead associated with onboarding new tooling.

As we move forward with the ISV Accelerate program, we’re excited to take this step to deepen our partnership with AWS. Through the program, we’re looking forward to working with AWS to deliver our industry-first cloud detection and response capabilities and improve security outcomes for AWS customers around the world.

See here to learn more about the requirements and benefits of the AWS ISV accelerate program. Check out Gem’s listing on the AWS marketplace here.


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