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Gem Joins Forces with Wiz

Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce that Gem is becoming part of Wiz! 

After two years building Gem, today represents a new beginning for our team, as we accelerate bringing Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) to organizations across the globe as part of the most comprehensive, innovative, and exciting platform in cloud security today.

When Ron, Ofir, and I started our journey in 2022, we knew we were on to something big. Before Gem, we had spent years running incident response efforts as consultants. We had seen firsthand that security operations in the cloud - from preparing for incidents, through detection, response and containment - something wasn’t working. 

We talked to hundreds of CISOs and security leaders around the world, and heard the same problems again and again. Traditional detection tools were created for on-prem and adopt a workload-only focus that produces siloed, contextless alerts. On top of that, SOC teams struggle to complete the picture due to lack of cloud context and visibility.

We built Gem to help. Today, our Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) platform is bridging the gap between SecOps and the cloud at organizations all over the world. Over the past two years, we’ve made incredible progress, and the traction and growth we’ve achieved has served as validation of our vision.

To me, this acquisition only strengthens that validation. We’ve known Assaf, Ami, Roy, Yinon and the Wiz team for years, and the depth of Wiz’s vision to secure the cloud, from development, to build time, to runtime, is nothing short of remarkable. Wiz’s unique approach to prevention and security posture management has become the industry standard for both the Fortune 100 as well as fast growing born-in-the-cloud companies, all of which use Wiz’s Cloud Native Application Protect Platform (CNAPP) to better secure their cloud.

As part of Wiz, Gem can deliver even greater value to customers, with the deep context from Wiz’s industry-defining CNAPP providing immediate insights to the SOC teams analyzing Gem alerts. CNAPP and CDR together provide a, and equip customers with a uniquely modern cloud security platform that serves all their needs, from threat prevention through detection and response.

All this, and we’re just getting started. Together with Wiz, our work will only accelerate. A huge thanks to everyone who’s supported us on our journey - our customers, our partners, our investors, and, most importantly, all our Gems. Now as Wizards, we’re looking forward to shining even brighter.

Check out Wiz's blog here.


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