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Announcing our Investment from SVCI

At Gem, we’re thrilled today to announce an investment from Silicon Valley CISO investments (SVCI). SVCI is an angel investor syndicate made up of some of industry-leading CISOs from companies including McDonalds, Snowflake, SoFi, Coinbase, Vercel, and more.

Our mission is to automate cloud detection and response, giving security operations teams the tools they need to respond to cloud threats faster. We are excited that this mission has received the personal backing of leading figures in our space. So what was it about Gem that made SVCI want to be a part of our journey?

Graphic with logos of Gem Security and SVCI

The Need for Cloud Detection and Response

At SVCI, every investment goes through a diligence process with the members. We review the product, competition, market need, and team before we invest. Gem is solving a problem that most security teams have today: it's clear from both our research and personal experience that companies still need better, more integrated tools to detect and respond to cloud threats, tools that will give their SIRT more breathing room. Gem is uniquely positioned to address that need. Coleen Coolidge, Former Chief Information Security Officer at Twilio

It’s no secret that cloud attacks are on the rise. As organizations move critical workloads to the cloud, attackers follow close behind. But as the pace of infrastructure migration increases, security operations has been left behind.

SecOps tools today, like SIEM, aren’t built for the cloud era. Security teams don’t know what telemetry they need to collect and they spend months building custom detection rules manually. When those alerts trigger, they lack the context they need to respond effectively. The result? Critical blindspots for threats spanning identity, data, network, and compute in cloud environments.

An Automated Future for Cloud Security Operations

Gem goes beyond existing cloud security tooling. Gem addresses urgent pain points of security operations and incident response teams in the cloud era, enabling them to respond to the threats that matter today. Joshua Scott, Head of Security and IT at Postman

It’s time for a new paradigm. SecOps teams need the confidence that they have full threat coverage in cloud environments, and they need the ability to respond to attacks immediately rather than spend hours manually querying and correlating cloud data. They need a unified platform for detection and response to cloud threats that works out-of-the-box, without needing to dedicate several full time employees to configuration and maintenance.

This is what we deliver at Gem. We prepare organizations for attacks by ensuring they have the real-time visibility they need, we provide comprehensive cloud threat coverage out-of-the-box, we allow for efficient investigation of cloud alerts, and we enable immediate containment functionality to stop threats before they become incidents.

The team at Gem is phenomenal. The founders spent years in incident response, and saw firsthand how security teams were struggling to respond to cloud breaches. They understand what SecOps teams need, and that experience is very clear in the product. That know-how is built into the platform, automating and accelerating detection and response in a way that’s extremely practical. Adrian Ludwig, Former Chief Trust Officer at Atlassian

SVCI saw the strength of our team, our product offering and roadmap, and our vision for the future of cloud detection and response. We are grateful for this investment as a signifier of their trust, and we are looking forward to working together with these leading figures in the cyber space to revolutionize cloud security operations. We can’t wait to see what remarkable achievements we will accomplish together in the future!

Read the official press release here. To learn more about Gem, reach out to us here. We'd love to hear from you!


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