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Respond to cloud threats with context.

And fast.

Empower your security operations teams with built-in expertise and automatic response capabilities fit for the cloud era


Detect in real-time, Respond with context

Gem delivers a centralized approach to tackle cloud threats, from incident response readiness, through out-of-the-box threat detection, investigation and response in real-time (Cloud TDIR).

Cloud security is imperfect. Gem introduces a realistic way to deal with it and live in the cloud with confidence.

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"Gem is redefining the cloud security operations game.
The platform empowers security operations with a simple, automated, and efficient approach that allows organizations to respond faster and minimize the impact of attacks in the cloud."

ADM Michael S. Rogers  |  Former Director, NSA

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Stop the Cloud-Native Kill Chain

Traditional detection and response tools aren’t built for the cloud, leaving organizations blind to attacks and security operations teams unable to respond at the speed of cloud.

Get Ready

Continuous real-time visibility
for daily operations and incident response.

Complete threat detection coverage for MITRE ATT&CK cloud.

Take Action

Triage threats in minutes with full real-time context from IaaS and SaaS.

Isolate threats swiftly to limit the blast radius.

Cloud security operations enabled with Gem

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eliminate blindspots

Cloud Incident Response Readiness

Get the full picture
Continuously discover all your cloud assets
and assess your readiness.

Collect what matters
Understand what you need, quickly fix visibility gaps, and save costs over traditional solutions.

Identify threats
before they escalate

Real-Time Threat Detection

Supercharge your detection engineering Gain out-of-the-box coverage against hundreds of cloud-native TTPs and eliminate manual toil.

Cut out the noise
Prioritize and contextualize alerts based
on cloud identity behavioral analytics.

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Accelerate response: hours turn to minutes

Context-led Triage and Investigation

Respond with automated investigative steps and built-in incident response know-how.

Visualize incidents and automatically fuse context from the cloud ecosystem.

Stop attacks, minimize impact

Containment Orchestration

Quarantine cloud entities
Orchestrate changes across identity, compute, network, data to limit the blast radius.

Take action however fits your workflow
Use auto-generated code snippets
or integrate with your SOAR.

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Thrive in the complex,
Deliver the simple.

Gem stitches together disparate signals, turning opaque cloud telemetry transparent. We deliver unified detection for multi-IaaS environments and simplified processes for triage and response, empowering Security Operations teams in the cloud era.

What makes Gem shine?

Cloud security automation
for SecOps teams

Get built-in incident response know-how to automate, visualize and simplify triage of cloud incidents

Industry first cloud-native containment

Limit blast radius with agentless orchestration across identity, data, workload and network

Pragmatic cloud
breach preparedness

Be prepared for an incident, with optimized telemetry collection based on potential risks and threat modeling

Existing security
workflow bolstered

Make the most of your other security investments, adding cloud confidence and context to your existing security operations workflow

Behavioural analytics
with attacker perspective

Detect cloud threats in real-time with hundreds of TTPs and cloud identity behavioural analytics

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Get Started
with Gem

in Just 5 Minutes


One-click deployment 

Connect with your CSPs. No agents required.


Get confidence in 5 minutes

Immediately assess your cloud incident readiness and get full detection coverage, automating threat response.


Detect and respond to cloud threats faster

Integrate with existing workflows and tools to get real-time context and enhance overall operations efficiency.

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Industry Recognition

ntt zero trust award winner badge
global infosec award winner badge
cloud security awards badge

Cloud security operations made easy

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