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It Takes a Village

The NIST framework outlines the main functions necessary for any cybersecurity program: to identify vulnerabilities, protect their environments, detect threats, respond to attacks, and recover from damage. Each of these functions is challenging on its own. Together, they’re nearly impossible for an organization to tackle alone.

So how do CISOs do it? As our friends at Team8 say, it takes a village. The only way to enable the framework is to collaborate.

Gem is proud to help enable that collaboration by joining Team8’s annual CISO Summit, June 19-23. As part of the Summit, Team8 is hosting over 100 CISOs from across the globe. The varied perspectives and deep expertise of the Team8 village enable us to gain a better understanding of cyber security challenges and problems today, as well as of new approaches and innovative techniques to solve them.

This year, Gem is excited to bring forth our assume-breach approach to cloud security, introducing the first-of-its-kind technology for Cloud Detection and Response (CDR). We’re looking forward to discussing our solutions with all the summit participants, and learn more about needs, pain points, and solutions that CISOs are facing in the market today.

We’re excited to present at the startup showcase alongside friends such as Torq, Silverfort, Ionix, Salt, and many more. For a sneak peak of what we’ll be bringing to the summit, book a demo with our team here.

Last year at this event, Gem was still in stealth. Today, we are excited to shine brightly as part of the Team8 family, in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv.


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