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Respond to cloud threats with context. And fast.

Empower your security operations teams with built-in expertise and automatic response capabilities fit for the cloud era

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Detect in real-time, Respond with context

Gem delivers a centralized approach to tackle cloud threats, from incident response readiness, through out-of-the-box threat detection, investigation and response in real-time (Cloud TDIR).

Cloud security is imperfect. Gem introduces a realistic way to deal with it and live in the cloud with confidence.

The team at Gem is phenomenal. The founders spent years in incident response, and that experience is very clear in the product. That know-how is built into the platform, automating and accelerating detection and response in a way that’s extremely practical.


Adrian Ludwig

Former Chief Trust Office, Atlassian


Cloud security tools today focus on detecting misconfigurations and posture issues. We need tools like Gem that detect whether these become actual threats in real-time, and allow teams to swiftly respond and stop them from becoming incidents.

Charles Blauner

Former CISO, Citi


Gem is redefining security operations for the cloud era – with the Snowflake Data Cloud playing a foundational role in how Gem accelerates detection and response to help stop cloud attacks faster.

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Mario Duarte

CISO, Snowflake

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What We Do

Cloud Incident Response Readiness
Collect what you need
at optimum cost
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Multicloud Threat Coverage
Accelerate cloud detection engineering
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Automated Investigation & Containment
Get context to respond faster
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Integrated Cloud Forensics
Find the root cause
of an incident
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Hear It From CISOs

Industry Recognition

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Want to learn more?
Check out our Practical Guide to Cloud Detection and Incident Response

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Get Started
with Gem

in Just 5 Minutes


One-click deployment 

Connect with your CSPs. No agents required.


Get confidence in 5 minutes

Immediately assess your cloud incident readiness and get full detection coverage, automating threat response.


Detect and respond to cloud threats faster

Integrate with existing workflows and tools to get real-time context and enhance overall operations efficiency.

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Cloud security operations made easy

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